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In custom crafting your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, then installing them and taking care of all of your home remodeling needs and wants - we deliver attention to detail paired with skills, experience, and excellence! 

HinWOOD specializes in custom handmade cabinetry and furniture as well as in all types of home remodeling and commercial space remodeling. Our customers' satisfaction has always been a measure for our success!  

No job is too big or too small for us!

We will renovate and transform your kitchen, bathroom, entire home, and commercial space - we're the trusted contractor you want for the remodeling you envision!

HinWOOD is a GC in Chicago and the suburbs. 

Our Construction services and Custom woodwork include

All types of interior home remodeling // Handmade custom kitchen cabinets and installation // Handmade custom bathroom cabinets and installation // Demolition and rebuilding // GC //

...and much more...

Kitchen Remodel Custom Cabinets
Handmade Bathroom Cabinet
Bathroom Remodeled
Custom Curved Stairways
Custom Bathroom Cabinet
Custom Kitchen Renewal Cabinets
Custom Closet Organizer Shelves
Kitchen Handmade Cabinet for Spiaces
Custom Bathroom Remodeled
Handmade Custom Armoire Glass Insert
Custom Fireplace Bookcases Built-ins
Custom Kitchen Remodeling
Kitchen Bathroom Remodel Prep Work
Custom Kitchen Exhaust Fan Enclosure
Customized Wooden Desk Built-ins
Customized Handmade Bathroom Cabinet
Handmade Custom Wall-to-Wall Builtin
Kitchen Customized Handmade Cabinets
Handmade Oval Cabinet Prep Shop
Custom Bathroom Cabinets
Handmade Oval Cabinet
Commercial Remodeling Grocery store
Handmade Custom Laundry Cabinet
Customized Banister Stairway Railing
Dining Room Built-in Banquette
Customized Fireplace Surround Mantel
Mitsuwa Chicago Store Remodeling
Custom Bathroom Cabinets Vanity
Chicago 3story building construction
Fireplace Surround Mantel Built-ins
Kitchen Remodel Handmade Cabinets
Customized Banister Stairway Railing
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